Abstracts for the accepted papers and posters can be found by following the links below to the corresponding session, or in the Abstract_Booklet.

N.B. Abstracts are still being uploaded.


Action Stations! Towards an Understanding of the Impact of Militarisation on Twentieth-Century Landscapes
Archaeologies of Shrinking Worlds: Space Contraction and Globalisation in the Human Past
The Archaeologies of the Spanish Civil War and the Francoist Regime
Archaeology and Humour: An Archaeologist and a Zoologist Walk into a TAG Session…
Archaeology, Museums and the Legacies of Slavery
Archaeology as a Bridge Between Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities
The Archaeology of Religious Practice
The Connected Past: People, Networks and Complexity in Archaeology and History
Debating principles of archaeological interpretation. An examination of the work of Leo S. Klejn
Defining Seascapes
Dig It! Intersections Between Excavation Methods and Recording Systems
Digging Diversity
Dr. Web-Love: Or, How I Learnt to Stop Worrying & Love Social Media
Exploring Academic Values and concepts: Have Archaeologists Lost the Capacity to Talk About Inequality?
General Session
The How and Why of Archaeology Outreach: Case Studies and Reflexive Approaches to Public Engagement
How Can We Model Bronze Age Society in Britain?
Life After ‘Death’: How We Do Theory and What Theory Should Do for Us
Narrating the Gap Between Observation and Visualisation
Negotiating Coasts and Islands: Landscape and Environmental Perspectives
Now You See Them, Now You Don’t: Biased Macro-scale Site Distribution Maps and Their Influence on Interpretations
‘Official Voices, Minority Choices’: Re-visiting Interactions of Ethnic Communities with Dominant Archaeological Narratives
The Ordered Facility: Considering the Built Environment of the Historical Public Institution from an Archaeological Perspective
The Origins of Language and Right-handedness
Past Mobilities
The Perpetual Presence of Heritage – How History and Memory Shape Everyday Life
Psychoarchaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice
Re-connecting Cultural and Environmental Records: Towards a New Consensus?
A Return to Things Themselves
The Rhetoric of Heritage
Roots of the Modern World; the Archaeology of Scientific Discovery
To the Things Themselves? Examining the Theoretical Bases of PPS5
Time for a Change? Practice Theory and Tradition in Archaeology

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