The Perpetual Presence of Heritage – How History and Memory Shape Everyday Life

Organisers Manjree Khajanchi, Benjamin Manktelow (University of Sheffield) and William Rathouse (Trinity St. David)
Emails, and

Abstracts should be submitted to Manjree Khajanchi (

The interactions and subsequent transformations that transpire on personal and societal levels from the endless dialogue of who claims/owns/negotiates/teaches histories has been debated tirelessly in archaeology. The current interdisciplinary concepts that underpin how the past is transformed for contemporary purposes, and throughout history, relies upon the premise that there is no one way to deal with the ramifications of a presumed stationary ‘past’ perpetually altered to meet the needs of the now. We invite papers on heritage and memoryscapes in the present that question how the past forms an integral part of contemporary landscapes. This session will aim to provide avenues for experiencing a world where new and old histories, influences and beliefs perpetually engulf the world we live in.

We ask that session participants pre-circulate their papers (via the session organizers) prior to the conference. On the day of the session 5-8 minutes will be allocated to each speaker to summarise how their paper relates to the overarching themes of this session. This will allow for a substantially integrated and moderated, in-depth discussion to take place over the course of the session.

Thematic questions we are interested in addressing:

  • How do histories break down under competing claims for legacy and historical provenance?
  • How can theoretical and philosophical positions be upheld by practitioners with regards to experiencing histories?
  • How valuable are the things we do not yet know, or never will, and what part does it play in our endeavours for knowledge? What cannot be preserved or remembered?
  • What are the ways heritage is used to legitimatise the world we live in today?

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  1. Manjree Khajanchi says:

    This session is organized by Manjree Khajanchi, Benjamin Manktelow, and William Rathouse. Please send all abstracts to Manjree []. We look forward to reading your proposals!

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