Time for a Change? Practice Theory and Tradition in Archaeology

Organisers Irene Garcia Rovira (University of Manchester) and Koji Mizoguchi (Kyushu University)
Email jairenjones@hotmail.com, mizog@scs.kyushu-u.ac.jp

Cultural tradition, or, the reproduction of social practices within a particular society, has been analysed both within practice and evolutionary theory.

Whilst both have influenced archaeological thought, the former has brought profound challenges to the discipline, as can be seen, for instance, with the development of contextual archaeology, agency theory, or in the archaeology of inhabitation.

What these approaches have in common is an ontological understanding of tradition, which not only steps away from the modern traditional opposition, but that also helps portraying the internal dynamics of society.

Despite the usefulness of such approaches, a number of limitations are beginning to emerge.

On the one hand, little attention has been placed on examining what actually takes place within and around individuals, and between interacting group members when cultural traditions are generated.

On the other hand, scant attention has been given to the hermeneutical processes at play when transmission occurs between members of different social groups.

We invite papers that address these and other related issues within archaeology and from other disciplines.

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