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  1. pls if i want to pay for this fee ,how can i ? and please do you have any bank that i can pay into.
    tomiwa .Nigeria

  2. Kristian Kristiansen says:

    I need a program so that I can order flight tickets without misising sessions. As it stand we do not know the start time on the first day nor the end time on the last day
    Kristian Kristiansen

    PS WHich of the 3 star hotels are in the center of town with easy access to the TAG meeting?

    • laurasnook says:

      The preliminary programme has just been posted.

      The meeting is easily accessible by train from both New Street Station and Five Ways Station. Distances from the nearest station are given in the information on each hotel

  3. Duncan Brown says:

    Blimey! Early start on the 14th and a late finish on the 16th! That’s one packed programme! But what of the social events? Has anything been organised for the many who will have to arrive on Tuesday evening? What is happening after the sessions on the 15th and 16th – and where? These are important issues that may inform the locations of the hotels people book into, quite apart from being essential information for the full enjoyment of the TAG experience.

    • laurasnook says:

      We’re working on it Duncan! We have the plenary, and reception booked for Wednesday evening and the quiz and party on Thursday, all of which are on campus. At the moment we wanted to get the paper schedule up quickly, social info to follow ASAP

  4. Eileen Parker says:

    Can you tell me how we get travel passes? What is the time of last trains from campus back to New Street. Thanks

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